We are :


Bernard is the videographer. We use the term Run & Gun videographer, but all that really means is that he is ready to shoot anything, anytime. Weddings tend to happen quite fast, so when doing the filming you have to be able to move fast, think ahead and be prepared for anything.



Marleen is the photographer. We use the term Ninja Photographer, but all that really means is that she is precise in her movements and directing, stealthy when she wants to capture the moments without being seen. Her eye is sharp like a ninja sword and she doesn’t miss a thing.


We filmed our first wedding together in October 2010, by March 2011 we were both filming weddings full time.

We film weddings all across South Africa.

On the 28th of November 2015 we filmed our 365th wedding together, which was equal to a years worth of weddings.
Now in 2020 we have filmed more than 650 weddings together.

We pride ourselves on capturing weddings authentically. We don’t mind if there is a huge family feud or if the groom is just sweating profusely. We capture it all. (All the good stuff too.)

It is our mission to be doing the best quality work for the best price and we make use of our extraordinary ninja skills along with high-end cameras, lenses and sunglasses.

We Offer :

Easy Online Bookings
Affordable packages
Good communication
Live streaming

Our Clients say :

Filmed more than to date.